What is the best and safest way to pay for my Bali wedding?

payment method for wedding in bali

Choosing Bali Wedding venue and right wedding planner is very hard job and need your high patience so when you are happy and agreed of what we offered, it make us pleased. Then I am sure your next questions is : “What is the best and safest way to pay for my Bali wedding?

Firstly I would like to remain you that most of our wedding packages are in US$ but when you pay deposit and balance to confirm your Bali Wedding, we will require Indonesian Rupiah payment. Why? Because prices for wedding packages are set by the hotels and most hotels rates on Bali are in US Dollars while expenses and fees for the ceremonies themselves are all local and charged in Indonesian Rupiah.

OK, back to the best and safest way to pay your Bali Wedding from your own country, there are few ways to do that. Amount of deposit and payment will vary depending on the venue you choose and it will always explain in your contract and proforma invoice. You will need to read carefully and sign it when you understand all the things.

Credit Card:
I know that most couple would like to pay with this payment method. Indeed most larger hotels, resort, villas and some companies will accept credit cards. But not all smaller companies/vendors are able to do this type of payment.
First reason that smaller companies are having difficulties or in some cases it is not possible to get Bank approval to accept and use credit card for payment over the internet. Secondly why many vendors may not accept credit card based payment is that : Indonesia has highest fraudulent rank among the countries in the world for credit card transaction. The last reason is that by using credit card, the bank or credit card companies will take fee of 2% – 3% of the your paid amount to the vendor or companies. Many Bali vendors may therefore either not accept credit card based payments or ask you to pay for the charges that the credit card company deducts.

International money transfers:
Second choice to pay your Bali Wedding is via an international money transfer to a bank in Bali. To make an international bank transfer to Indonesia, your bank will charge you somewhere between US$25 – US$50.00 per transaction. The fee is usually same for both small or bigger amounts, so this may not be ideal if say you want to pay your deposit for your florist or makeup artistt and hair dresser, because it will be costly and add extra of 20% – 50% of the amount you want to send. International money transfer will take about 3 – 7 working days to get into Bali bank/account. Sometime it is longer if you transfer during public holiday for example Christmas or Eid Holiday. To make International money payment, you will need to use SWIFT Code of your Bali vendors/companies’ Bank. This is similar like IBAN numbers in your countries. This type of payment would be safer as you will have prove that you sent money.