What is non-legal Bali Wedding?

what is non legal wedding

The hassle of having legal wedding in Bali sometime could make people put off. You will need to provide some legal documents from your own country and sometime they are taking time and could be very difficult. For example you were moving out from your home town and can’t find the birth certificates. Birth certificate is a must for Legal Wedding so without it, you won’t be able to get married legally in Bali. Both Church and Civil Office of Bali require them to issue your legal wedding certificates.

Also you may tight up with work commitments and too busy, it seems Bali Wedding is flying away from your dream wedding.

Love is for everyone so does Bali Wedding so do not worry you still get married in Bali. It will be just a symbolic of commitment or Balinese blessing ceremonies. These ceremonies are usually performed by a celebrant, who may or may not be a real priest. Nowadays these kind of ceremonies are very popular in Bali and Lombok. It can be arranged with very short notice even 1 or 2 days before your request date. Easy, fast and won’t cost you a fortune. In some cases, couple contacted us during their holiday in Bali, wanted to propose his girlfriend and experience Bali Wedding. It is sweet thing to do.

Other similar ceremony is Renewal Vows for married couple to renew their promises to each other and have stronger love. This may be arranged to celebrate your ‘Tin, Silver or Diamond’ wedding anniversary to experience Bali Wedding. Very great treat for both of you and you deserve it.

The last option for Non Legal Bali Wedding is blessing ceremony by Balinese Priest or Pemangku. Ceremony itself will be in Balinese language, will take around 30 minutes. Basically the priest prays and give you blessings for your happiness and long life together. There will be Balinese offering involve and all offering are prepared by Priest and or your wedding organizer. You do not need to be Hindu to have this blessing. To experience more Balinese tradition, some couples will wear special Balinese costumes.

Don’t be surprised if your wedding planner may ask your copies passport and witnesses passport (if you have for them) to create special commemorative wedding certificate for the event. If you have no witnesses, I am sure your wedding planner, will provide them for you.

With having few options to experience Bali Weddings, your dream of exotic and romantic ceremony on the white sand of Bali beaches or fresh tropical Paradise of Ubud will be coming true. We are here more than happy to assist you with all your requests for best wedding you could imagine.

Should you have additional questions or request, please feel free to send us email at eni@happybaliwedding.com or manager@happybaliwedding.com