Bali Wedding in Year 2020

Warmest Greetings from Bali Island of Gods to you all around the world!Firstly we hope that all of you and your family are all keeping safe and well and do so in the future. 2020 certainly is the most challenging year for everyone in modern 20th century. The pandemic of Covid-19 has made our life […]

Jungle Wedding in Bali

Summer is here and we are getting busy to create the most wonderful wedding in Bali for our couples to live in their memories and share the moment forever with their family and friends. As everyone knows that getting married in Bali is a dream of most couple around the world. And we are lucky […]

Bali Wedding for Dutch Nationality

Following to my earlier article about a legal wedding in Bali for Italian Nationality couples, this time I will explain the other legal Bali Wedding details for Dutch National couples. As you may know that for all foreigners wish to have a legal wedding in Bali, you will need to process CNI (Certificate of No […]

Legal Requirements for Marriage

To get legal wedding in Bali and Lombok, every couple should have both Religious and Civil Ceremonies. Religious ceremony is performed by one of 5 religions, recognized by Government of Indonesia: Buddhist, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu and Islam and then legalized by district Civil Officer. (*Muslim Wedding does not need Civil Ceremony as Muslim […]

Bali Wedding for Italian Nationality

Recently we received few inquiries about how to have a legal wedding in Bali for Italian Nationality. So my first article this year will be explaining the details about it. It had been wonderful 2017 for us and we are looking forward to have another one this year and more. If you read the legal wedding information […]

Bali Wedding with Balinese Hindu Ceremony

As you may know that Bali is a home of almost 84% of the Hindu population that live in Indonesia. With the unique culture of the Balinese Hindu people, makes Bali one of the most popular destinations for exotic holidays and wedding venues. We recently received quite few enquiries for Balinese Hindu Wedding, so this time I will […]

Cost of Bali Wedding Catering

For wedding couples with bigger wedding attendees, one of most important thing for your consideration should be the menu for the wedding catering. Prices can be very cheap to highly exotic very expensive, obviously you need to be beware that not all cheapest are bad and not all the most expensive are good. Again you should be guided […]

Cost of Bali Beach Wedding

What will be your first though about a Bali Wedding and how much cost for Bali beach wedding? I would imagine that most wedding couples imagine a special day on white sand beach, barefoot, turquoise sea, clear sky and sound of waves as their background music. Yes, all of those are available in Bali. However […]

Bali Wedding’s Make Up and Hair Do

This is the most important event in your life and of course all brides want to look her best on her wedding day. Because a stunning appearance gives you the confidence for your big day. Not to say the groom will not want to look his best! I am not surprise that some brides choose […]

Cost of Bali Wedding Videographer

In addition to photography which I have explained in my previous article cost of Bali wedding photographer, I am sure many couples also want a professional videographer to capture the special event of their Bali Wedding. Videos can be edited and produced, they can have music to enhance the moment, slow motion or black & […]

Cost of Bali Wedding’s Photographer

Morning to the World and thank you so much for the good responds for my previous articles about Bali Wedding Cost. I hope that they are useful for you to start a Bali Wedding’s dream. This is another interesting article and it is for the basic Bali Wedding cost of Photographer. If you just found […]

Cost of Bali Wedding’s Flowers & Decoration

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for your patient’s awaiting my new article about Bali Wedding Cost. This time, my article will be about basic Bali Wedding Cost of Flowers & Decoration which are very important to colour your Day and make it beautiful. First of all when we are talking about […]

Tips to Choose Bali Wedding Rings

Going round and round trying to decide on your wedding bands? Here’s where to start. Talk Bali is not just about tourism destination, but Bali also central of traditional and modern industry of silver or gold manufacturers. If you’re looking wedding rings for your wedding ceremony might Bali could be one option to get a wedding rings that […]

How Much is the Cost of Bali Wedding?

Good question!!! And this should be your top priority before planning your Bali Wedding. If you read my article Wedding in Bali, I mentioned that in Bali all budgets and packages wedding prices can be catered for. So it really depends on what do you want and require. Start from simple and Non legal Bali […]

Why Happy Bali Wedding Not Others ?

Firstly let us say thank you so much for reading this article and other articles. As you may notice that Bali Wedding is keep booming and glowing. When you click Bali Wedding in Google or other search engines, there are a lots of choices either venue or wedding organizers, which may be very confusing for […]

Wedding in Bali – Where to Start

How about wedding in Bali? Wedding abroad is never easy and I can understand if many brides are concern about getting married in Bali. But please do not worry! Wedding in Bali has been starting since 1998-2000 and Government has good policy to make your wedding  ceremony in Bali dream comes true. There are now […]

What is the best and safest way to pay for my Bali wedding?

Choosing Bali Wedding venue and right wedding planner is very hard job and need your high patience so when you are happy and agreed of what we offered, it make us pleased. Then I am sure your next questions is : “What is the best and safest way to pay for my Bali wedding?” Firstly […]

What is non-legal Bali Wedding?

The hassle of having legal wedding in Bali sometime could make people put off. You will need to provide some legal documents from your own country and sometime they are taking time and could be very difficult. For example you were moving out from your home town and can’t find the birth certificates. Birth certificate […]

Getting Married in Bali

Congratulations for your engagement and thank you for visiting Happy Bali Wedding Bali, island of paradise has become wedding destination in the world. Are you have plan to getting married in Bali?  as Bali wedding organizer and personal wedding planner in Bali, Happy Bali Wedding offers multi options wedding venues with nett price Bali wedding […]