Simple Bali Wedding Packages

Happy Bali Wedding is officially registered with the Indonesian Government as a legitimate company and our staff have an original International reconsider wedding planner diploma. We are so proud that we have been trusted by many couples from various parts of the world who had their wedding planning, wedding ceremony and wedding party in Bali.

We offer simple wedding packages according to your requirements and budget. Each package is customized based on individual requirements of the couple and assisted by our expert wedding planners before, during and after the ceremony. We are never finished until our clients are happy and we are always available to support you with all your concerns.

If you have specific planning and special requirements outside of our packages, we are always happy to help you to make your Bali wedding dreams come true.

bali commitment wedding ceremony

Bali Commitment Wedding Ceremony Package

Price IDR 9,500,000
bali wedding with buddhist procession

Bali Wedding with Buddhist Ceremony

Price IDR 11,000,000
bali wedding with indian hindu procession

Bali Wedding with Indian Hindu Ceremony

Price IDR 27,000,000
balinese blessing wedding package

Balinese Blessing Package

Price IDR 11,000,000
bali wedding reception package

Ceremony and Reception Wedding Package

Price IDR 214,800,000
cost of balangan clifftop wedding

Cost of Balangan Cliff Wedding

Price IDR 35,000,000
cost of bali wedding waterfall

Cost of Waterfalls Bali Wedding

Price IDR 30,250,000
helicopter marriage proposal

Helicopter Proposal

Price IDR 23,000,000
legal wedding regestry

Legal Wedding Registry

Start from IDR 16,500,000
renewal vows in bali

Renewal of Vows in Bali

Price IDR 9,500,000
marriage proposal

Romantic Marriage/Wedding Proposal

Start from IDR 20,000,000