Legal Requirements for Marriage

legal requirements for marriage

To get legal wedding in Bali and Lombok, every couple should have both Religious and Civil Ceremonies. Religious ceremony is performed by one of 5 religions, recognized by Government of Indonesia: Buddhist, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu and Islam and then legalized by district Civil Officer. (*Muslim Wedding does not need Civil Ceremony as Muslim Religious Affair will issue Buku Nikah or Marriage Book which is recognized by all countries).

Indonesia’s authorities require all foreigners whom wish to get legal wedding in Bali to get CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage). This letter is issued by your Consulate representative in Indonesia, stating that there is no objection for you to get marriage in Indonesia.

To issue this letter, both Bride and Groom must personally visit their country’s respective Consulate and bring documents required by Consulate.

Document Required For A Legal Marriage in Bali :

Requirements vary according to each nationality and religion, but as a general guide the following are necessary for all foreigners getting married in Bali:

Copies valid Passport of Bride and Groom
Copies of Birth Certificate of Bride and Groom
Copy of Divorce Paper when relevant
Copy of Death Certificate of former spouse if applicable
Copy of Documentary evidence of any change of name (e.g, former marriage certificate / deed poll)
Eight (8) Photographs of the couple together (passport size : 4 X 6 CM, groom on the right side of Bride)
Copies of valid passports of two (2) witnesses
Fill out all information in Legal Wedding Form
Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
Additional documents for Catholic Wedding Ceremony:

Baptism Certificates – Mandatory (not more than 6 months (and preferably not more than 3 months) prior to your wedding date
“Letter of Freedom” issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry
“Letter of Delegation” issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Bali.
Pre Nuptial Course
Pre Marriage Inquiry
*Please be advised that Catholic Church Bali requires for Catholic wedding ceremony should be held at Catholic Church.

Documents needed for Moslem Wedding Ceremony :
• Copy Passports of Bride and Groom
• Copy KTP (KartuTandaPenduduk) for Indonesian
• Copy Birth certificates of Bride and Groom
• Copy Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant)
• Copy Divorce certificate (when relevant)
• Reference letter from the local KUA (N1, N2, N3) for Indonesian
• Six (6) photographs (2 x 3 cm) with blue background
• Six (6) photographs (3 x 4 cm) with blue background

Please be aware of the following IMPORTANT information :

  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) is NOT including in all our packages. The charges will be depending on your consulate/embassy. You may contact the consulate directly for further information. If you have any further questions regarding CNI, please contact your Consulate directly.
  • All wedding documents should be translated by sworn translator agency to Bahasa Indonesia and the charges are also NOT including in all our wedding packages. You may arrange it yourself or we will be happy to assist you with additional charge which will be depending on the language of your documents.

Please contact us for details