How Much is the Cost of Bali Wedding?

cost of bali wedding

Good question!!! And this should be your top priority before planning your Bali Wedding.

If you read my article Wedding in Bali, I mentioned that in Bali all budgets and packages wedding prices can be catered for. So it really depends on what do you want and require. Start from simple and Non legal Bali Wedding will be as little as US$ 400, which is just a priest or a celebrant whom performs the blessing, commemorative certificate and wedding assistant with no decoration or venue fee. Our cheapest package would be Renewal of Vows of US$ 395.00

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If you require a Legal Bali Wedding then the price starts from US$ 650.00. Legal means your Bali wedding is recognized in your home country. For this service, you should have both religious ceremony and also legalized by an Indonesian civil registry. A day or two before the ceremony, you will need to visit your consulate/embassy in Bali or Jakarta for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. The fee of this service will be on top of your Legal Wedding cost which will be variety depending on your Consulate/Embassy. Most of them are charging in your currency but payment should be in Indonesian Rupiah, directly to them. Their exchange rate is always higher than normal money changer so please ask your wedding planner/organizer in advance. For example Australian Consulate charges AUD$ 90.00 per person, so for couple you will need to pay AUD$ 180.00.

Other extra fees you need to be aware for legal wedding are for translation of your documents to Bahasa Indonesia as a government requirement. They should be translated by sworn/approved agent in Indonesia. Standard translation from English to Indonesia is approximately Rp 250,000 per page and it may take about a week.

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These are the really basic of a Bali Wedding cost, which is between US$ 750.00 – US$ 900.00. However you will still need to think about the venue? And you will be always asked by your wedding planner. There are so many different possibilities but if you are on tight budget, why not just have it at the hotel/place where you will stay. You will need to ask them though if there is any fee to have ceremony there.

We at Happy Bali Wedding offers both tailor-made packages or all-inclusive packages which you can see in our website and we are always open for other venues, requests and budgets.

Therefore the idea of Bali Wedding could tempt most couple from all over the world to have ‘better’ than just the basic event.
You will start to think? Why don’t we have little bit of flowers and decoration, then why don’t we have our wedding on the white sand beach, or can we invite our parents or best friends and on and on? These would add to your expenses and I am sure that the idea won’t stop coming when you go online and click in Google of ‘Bali Wedding’.

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