Cost of Bali Wedding Catering

For wedding couples with bigger wedding attendees, one of most important thing for your consideration should be the menu for the wedding catering. Prices can be very cheap to highly exotic very expensive, obviously you need to be beware that not all cheapest are bad and not all the most expensive are good. Again you should be guided by a professional wedding planner which should make sure that you and guests are happy and satisfied with quality food and best prices that you can afford too. As anyone will know who has visited Indonesia, it is very difficult to go anywhere without seeing some sort of catering establishment who will always say ‘we will provide you very best quality for value of money’ from small Warung to 5* hotel.

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As you know from your hometown there are establishments and restaurants that you frequently visit to dine out where there are others that you will never go back again. At your wedding you do not have luxury of trial and error. It is always best, as I am sure you will agree to rely upon the advice of someone who knows, your wedding planner should always only recommend best menu and suppliers within your price range. Reputable wedding planners survive on word of mouth and personal recommendation, their reputation is everything.

Bali has a broad range of wedding caterers for you to choose from and some are with world-class catering. Choosing one is not easy as you think and catering in Bali is relatively expensive. Apart from the catering, other very important aspect in this subject would be beverages during the dinner, especially for you who would like to have some alcoholic beverages for the wedding. Alcohol is heavily taxed in Indonesia.  So don’t be surprised to pay more – sometimes much more – than in your home country for your ‘booze’.

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Bali Wedding Catering prices are varying and really depend on your wedding venue. If you have a villa wedding, you will be able to choose outside catering and would start from US$30 per person for a buffet style catering with Indonesian or Balinese Menu. For Asian Menu would start from US$45.00 per person and for East Meet West Menu which is mix menu between Indonesian and Western Menu would start from US$70.00 per person. Some catering companies may only be able to arrange catering with minimum 20-25 people and it would be Set Menu Dinner/Brunch with slightly higher price start from US$35 – US$40.00 per person. For smaller than 20 people, I would suggest you to arrange the catering with the villa directly as it may be cheaper and easier for you.

If you are having your Bali wedding and reception at Hotel/Resort, it might be higher price start from US$40.00 per person for Indonesian or Balinese Menu, Asian Menu would start from US$55.00 per person and for East Meet West Menu would start from US$85.00 per person. Don’t be surprise that some 5 star hotels/resort special chain’s ones may charge more than US$100.00 per person to have a buffet dinner there!

cost of bali wedding catering

BUT:  we are not drinking yet!! As I said earlier that alcohol drinks are very expensive in Bali so if you plan to offer these, you will need to stretch your budget much further. The price range would be depending on length of alcohol are served and type of alcohol. To save a bit of your outgoing costs, some couples offer the free flow alcohol with local beers and a selection of wines only and let the guests pay for cocktails, champagne and liquor. I would say the very basic with limited alcohol selection; it would start from US$40.00 person, served for about 2 hours. My other suggestion for alcohol would be asking your guests to bring one bottle of wine/champagne/spirit as the wedding favour which would save you a lot of costs. However please check with your wedding planner or venue if there is any corkage fee to bring your own bottles of wine/champagne/spirit.

For you whom do not serve alcohol for your guests, the price would start as little as
US$10.00 per person for free-flow of tea, coffee, water, juices and soft-drinks, for 2 hours. I would say that Catering and Beverage would be taken 45% of your Bali Wedding budget so please plan carefully and ask your wedding planner for advice before making any decision.

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