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Morning to the World and thank you so much for the good responds for my previous articles about Bali Wedding Cost. I hope that they are useful for you to start a Bali Wedding’s dream.

This is another interesting article and it is for the basic Bali Wedding cost of Photographer. If you just found me, please read my previous articles of Basic Cost Bali Wedding and Cost of Bali Wedding’s Flower and Decoration so you have a clear idea of where to start.

Nowadays Bali Wedding Photography is more tricky and very competitive. Someone with a good camera and who did few photoshoots can be a photographer. You can find them everywhere and photography websites are booming. And don’t be surprised, they could be very cheap!!

cost of bali wedding photography

I am sure that most couples will probably want to have your wedding photographed by a professional. And with so many choices, they are overwhelming. In my experiences, the standard or basic cost for Bali Wedding’s photographer would start from US$350.00 which will be for maximum 3 hours of photographic coverage and all the photos in a flash drive or shared on google drive, dropbox or we-transfer. I would suggest you ask his/her portfolio before you commit anything or check if she/he has any website, Instagram or Facebook. (After all your happy Bali wedding memories are for the rest of your life “or Not” dependent on your choice).

Some other photographers who claimed ‘higher end’ will charge start from US$700.00 to photograph your Bali Wedding for 3-5 hours and they will create a special wedding album and all photos in flash drive. If you wish to have longer hours, the charges will start from US$1,000.00 for maximum of 12 hours. Some photographers will offer different prices if you will only need one photographer involved or two or three photographers. Again before you decide, please ask his/her portfolio or check if she/he has any website, Instagram or Facebook so you can see their previous works.

We at HappyBaliWedding offers Wedding Packages which is including photographers for 3 hours and we will give you a special wedding album for free. Our photographer has been working with us since 2011 and most photos of his works are on our website. Please check our wedding packages again.

I always mentioned in all my articles that I am open to any suggestions. If you wish to have your own photographer, it is OK with me and I will be happy to arrange a special package for you. Please feel free to send me an email at or

Other advice you may need to be aware of is that some venues in Bali may charge you some entrance fee if you bring your own photographer which sometime could be the same cost as your photographer price itself so before you agree and pay a deposit, please make sure with your venue about this. Also if the venue is located outside Denpasar and Badung district, the photographer may charge an extra fee for transportation.

Last but not least, you need to remember that in a few years down the line all that will be left of your wedding in Bali will be memories and the photographs of your big day. Therefore photography should be the last place where you should go cheap. If you do so you may well have a lifetime to regret it.

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