Bali Wedding with Indian Hindu Ceremony

As promised in our last article about Bali Wedding with Balinese Hindu Ceremony, now I am glad to launch our special package of Bali Wedding with Indian Hindu Ceremony.

If you are wondering why we have to make different articles for same Hindu religion? This is because both have different traditions means there are different rituals based on the origin of people. Most Indian Wedding will only be followed by Indian Hindu people.  And nowadays Bali as the biggest Hindu population in Indonesia attracts many Indian Hindu couples to celebrate their special day here while a perfect place to meet and gather with all family who live around the world.

Our Intimate Legal Wedding Package with Indian Hindu Ceremony start from US$2,750 including :

  • Indian Tradition Ceremony in Sanskrit by Balinese Hindu Pandhit
  • Religious Wedding certificate by PHDI (Balinese Hindu Organization)
  • Civil Ceremony by Civil Officer Bali
  • Civil Wedding Certificate
  • Document processing
  • Assistance during the ceremony
  • Personal escort to your Consulate in Bali
  • Pre-wedding meeting service with our staff
  • All ceremony materials (Coconut, Ghee, Yogurt, Honey, milk, Fresh Flower, Jyotir, samagri, Ganesha statue, fruit, etc)
  • Built up Mandap 4x4m with Chiffon drapes (4 sides and color as request)
  • Standard Fresh Flower on the top on Mandap
  • 4 standing flower along the aisle
  • Varmalas Garland for Bride and Groom
  • Local Flower aisle of 3 meters
  • Flower shower after ceremony
  • Chairs set up for 30 person with sash and flower
  • Stylist Flower Bouquet for Bride and buttonhole for Groom
  • Hair do and make up for Bride by our professional make-up artist
  • Special Balinese Souvenir/Gift for Bride/Groom

For Non Legal Ceremony with Indian Hindu Ceremony would start from US$1,850

Above packages are NOT including venue fee, photographer and other related wedding requirements. So the ceremony can be done at your chosen hotel/villa/resort and or we would be happy to find suitable venue for you.

Below are complete documents needed for Legal Wedding by Indian Hindu Ceremony:

  • Copy valid Passports of Bride and Groom (each passport being valid for a minimum 6 months as from the date of entry into Indonesia).
  • Copy Birth certificates of Bride and Groom.
  • Copy Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant).
  • Copy Divorce certificate (when relevant).
  • Copy valid Passports of 2 witnesses. (If you do not have any witnesses, will provide).
  • Fill out all information in the Legal Wedding Form provided.
  • Eight (8) photographs (6 x 4 cm) of the couple in same photo. Photo must be of the head and shoulders only, side by side, looking straight ahead. (Be advised that these photos will be attached to your wedding certificate).
  • The original Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from Bride/Groom’s Embassy/Consulate in Bali or Indonesia.

Above rates are excluding 11% Government tax and 5% Service charge.

For Non Legal Ceremony by Indian Hindu Blessing, you may only need to provide copies of Bride and Groom passports and witnesses if any, for wedding planner to issue your commemorative certificate.

For any further questions regarding above packages or other requests, please feel free to email us at or

Happy Bali Wedding