Bali Wedding for Italian Nationality

bali wedding for italian

Recently we received few inquiries about how to have a legal wedding in Bali for Italian Nationality. So my first article this year will be explaining the details about it. It had been wonderful 2017 for us and we are looking forward to have another one this year and more.

If you read the legal wedding information in my previous article, it said that you will need to process CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) at your Consulate/Embassy in Indonesia so Civil Office Bali can issue your legal wedding certificate. For Italian Nationality it is basically same, the different would be that before you process it in Indonesia, you must arrange the following documents from your local municipality in Italy :

  • Formulario di richiesta Nullaosta;
  • Originale Certificato di nascita internazionale da richiedere presso il proprio comune, ufficio anagrafe;
  • Originale Certificato cumulativo da richiedere presso il proprio comune;
  • Copia del passaporto;

As per my article today, CNI Fee at Italian Embassy Indonesia is Rp 100,000 per person plus courier cost to Jakarta of Rp 50,000. Above documents will also need to be translated to Indonesian language by sworn translator at Italian Embassy and it will be additional cost about Rp 600,000 per page. All payment will be paid directly to the Italian Embassy Jakarta in advance before they process so your wedding planner may pay the fee first and you reimburse later on (please discuss further with your planner about this arrangements). The CNI process will take approximately 3 weeks after the documents are received.

To get started, you can scan and email the documents to your wedding planner so they can bring them to Italian Consulate Bali then they process the CNI at Italian Embassy Jakarta.

Other thing you need to know that for wedding planner to collect your original CNI, the Italian Consulate Bali require the above documents (except passports) to be original plus an authorization letter from you to your chosen wedding planner. So after sending the documents electronically, you will also need to post them via register mail to Bali (DHL would be best courier).

The last process to make your Bali Wedding legal in Indonesia, Italy and Worldwide is to have a legalization of your original wedding certificate from Bali Civil Registrar after ceremony through Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Indonesian Justice & Law Ministry, and Italian Embassy at Jakarta. In the end, the Italian Embassy will communicate with the COMMUNE and order them to register officially your Bali wedding in Italy.

You may arrange this process directly with Italian Consulate/Embassy or you may ask your wedding planner to help you. Standard agent service would start from Rp3,000,000 plus postal fee to your home in Italy.
Above Legal Wedding is quite complicated, long arrangements and may cost more than you expected so if you are busy couples but still want to have special wedding in Bali, you may consider to have Commitment Ceremony or Balinese Blessing Ceremony.

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Happy Bali Wedding