About Wedding Planner in Bali

Warm Greetings from Bali
Happy wedding figures how the organizer works hard to make it memorable. Be the one who make those dream weddings happen is our goal. Happy Bali Wedding as wedding planner in Bali is supported by two Balinese women who built their friendship many years ago. Meet Eni and Komang whose time mostly spend with the wedding couple, arrange everything with heart and will never leave until it’s perfectly done. If you want to celebrate an unforgettable moment of your engage the services of a Bali weddings planner we have several options romantic beach wedding venue with affordable price around Bali and Lombok.

We used to work at one of the biggest wedding organizer in Bali for 11 years before we started our own company in 2011. We invite the couple to come to Bali and we would be more than happy to ensure that the paperwork is done. When they are in Bali, we accompany them to the consulate, doing pre-meeting service and always present at the wedding venue to lead the ceremony procession on the day. Now some of my previous couples are becoming good friends and we are still in touch.

As Bali and Lombok are more than just a destination, for those newlyweds’ couples who want to stay longer we would love also to arrange honeymoon trip for them. Discover Bali and its beauty and also Lombok with its hidden gem and feel still the intimation between the bride and groom. Our purpose is to make the once in a lifetime moments become the one to be always remembered.

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Happy Bali Wedding is trusted and officially registered with the Indonesian Government as a legitimate wedding organizer company in Bali and our staff have original international reconsider wedding planner diploma. It is our ambition and goal to assure you both that you have the most wonderful wedding in Bali to live in your memories and share forever. You happiness is our concerned.

Please feel free to contact us at eni@happybaliwedding.com or manager@happybaliwedding.com for further information or questions.